A Pilot to Reveal Sustainability 

Defining local goals for something as complex as 'sustainability' requires a simpler understanding of where we are today as we set expectations for tomorrow.  Using a language that connects more of us regardless of generation, experience, or interest can make all the difference.

This Is Stillwater is an experiment to pursue opportunities in these matters, and see the Three Pillars of a more Sustainable Stillwater.  Where practical - include our civics and history as well.  

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Another Doorway to Awareness

In cooperation with Stillwater Public Schools,Changemaker students are engaging select business leaders to develop a special sticker for placement on their doors.


Scanning it with a smartphone would reveal highlights of their accomplishments, and provide a link to access that data in fuller context through an interactive 3D model of Stillwater.

Spark Interest / Build Understanding

As sustainability data comes available, it is visualized through our interactive prototype.  Doing so makes this information more digestible with less effort using a medium historically reserved for entertainment, professionals & the sciences.

Samples are already entered for The Zephyr Theatre, Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery, City facilities, Lakeview Hospital, Stillwater, rain gardens, and Stillwater schools, with more data on the way.

Empathy is core to all engagements...particularly for our proprietors who carry unique, often insightful perspectives on sustainability in the context of running a business.  Listening, curiosity, and critical thinking are key.

User-centered Design is applied as ideas take shape from these discussions.  Helping sustainability become more digestible by a greater number of us is the end game.

Our discussions presently under way...


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Mr. Michael Manore,

Pilot Originator & Lead

President & Founder - Vispective, LLC

Stillwater, MN


651-343-1444 (m)

Ms. Julie Balfanz,

Innovation & Technology Coach

Stillwater Public Schools


...bring what you know.