Revealing Sustainability
December 2020
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This is Stillwater (TiS) is an experiment to determine if understanding  communities in fuller context can impact awareness, engagement, and meaningful action.

Why:  Attention capacities are thin...delivering more information is counterproductive.  Accordingly, we're exploring how to make that information more digestible and meaningful - regardless of age, knowledge, or experience.

Endgame:  Sustainability being lead focus - Reduce the effort to learn about ourselves, increase the curiosity to do so, and know the measurable context of our actions.

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We are proudly funded through local grants administered by the Saint Croix Valley Foundation

The Path

Pressing On

With a usable tool in place, our focus shifts from ad hoc engagements (and data) to building and showing the stories behind local ecosystems.  We want to understand how experiencing them differently impacts awareness and our interpretations thereof.  Placeholders for a few are shown below.

This section will evolve frequently in coming months.



Some key moments over the past couple years.

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This is Stillwater Pilot

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